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  1. Dolar
    Definition of tricky. 1: inclined to or marked by trickery. 2 a: giving a deceptive impression of easiness, simplicity, or order: ticklish a tricky path through the swamp. b: trick sense 2. 3: requiring .
  2. Vik
    Tricky. Official site of Tricky, Bristol born musician and producer. Official Tricky News, Tour Dates, Music and information. FREE music inside. TRICKY.
  3. Kitaur
    adjective, trick·i·er, trick·i·est. given to or characterized by deceitful tricks; crafty; wily. skilled in clever tricks or dodges. deceptive, uncertain, or difficult to deal with or handle.
  4. Kazragami
    trick•y. (ˈtrɪk i) adj. trick•i•er, trick•i•est. 1. given to or characterized by deceitful tricks; crafty; wily; sly. 2. unpredictably difficult or troublesome; unreliable or uncooperative: a tricky light switch. 3. having, using, or involving clever, intricate, or demanding maneuvers: a tricky dance step. [–90].
  5. JoJoshicage
    Some common synonyms of tricky are artful, crafty, cunning, foxy, slick, sly, and wily. While all these words mean "attaining or seeking to attain one's ends by guileful or devious means," tricky is more likely to suggest shiftiness and unreliability than skill in deception and maneuvering. a .
  6. Karg
    If they put him out of the room, Tricky came in by the chimney. If they shut him up in a room, Tricky got out by the chimney. Tricky, therefore, he was called, and as Tricky he lived and—did not die. If Tricky had lost such a chance he would not have been a monkey at all.
  7. Dozragore
    Sep 05,  · Tricky has always worn his bruised heart on his sleeve. His brilliantly desolate debut album, Maxinquaye, was inspired by his mother, who died when he was four years old, and a song like.
  8. Taujind
    Fall To Pieces. The new album. Out now: bathstiplosidaca.kenlecaponathtyadarcsiphapindeiprob.co
  9. Juzragore
    tricky adjective (DIFFICULT) (of a piece of work or a problem) difficult to deal with and needing careful attention or skill: Removing scar tissue can be a very tricky operation.

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